Save Fuel.
Expand EV Range.
Cut Carbon.

Best-in-class energy efficient routing.


Current maps waste energy

The driving directions we use today were created years ago considering speed of travel and not the energy consumption in the route.

We can fix this.

About the Technology
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car grid with a map

Technology used for building cars, now available for your maps

Built on 20 years of automotive experience in powertrain design and modeling, GreenRoute utilizes the same detailed and accurate modeling for maps to discover the energy-efficient routing.

About the Technology

Cut your fleet fuel use by 15%

Energy efficient routing reduces your fuel use and fleet emissions without the large capital expenditures.

About the Technology
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electric vehicle

EVs drive more on the same battery charge

EVs lose up to 50% of their battery by using standard routing. Using GreenRoute, drivers will be able to make more trips on the same battery charge.

Stay on the road, not on chargers.

standard vs greenroute for EVs
About the Technology

Impact of GreenRoute

An average driver using GreenRoute will save $280 and 2,000 pounds of CO2 per year.

Collectively, if all Americans used GreenRoute, every year we will save $6.6B in energy costs and sequester CO2 equivalent to that of all of our National Forests.

About the Technology
save the forest

GreenRoute can be used in dynamic or static maps

dynamic map

Dynamic Maps

Dynamics maps discover the energy-efficient route instantaneously using the current traffic information and driving conditions. Examples of dynamic map users are car share and mapping companies providing on-demand directions.

GreenRoute APIs are available to integrate into any mapping service.

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Static Maps

Cities and fleets which require to take the same route every day cannot use a dynamic energy-efficient route. Examples of static-map users are Cities and certain fleets where their garbage trucks or buses have a fixed route every day.

Our tech consulting team can still help with an offline analysis using GreenRoute technology and developing new energy-efficient routes.

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