All cars need individualized calculations.

GreenRoute algorithm accounts for each car’s unique power consumption behavior based on the technologies installed on each individual model.

Every car consumes energy differently. Conventional vehicles are not efficient in city driving, but are highly efficient on highways. In contrast, electric and hybrid vehicles have the ability to recharge in start-stop situations but consume significantly higher energy in highway driving.

selecting make and model of car

I just know the year, make and model of my vehicle.

Yes. All you need is the vehicle Year, Make and Model, and the GreenRoute algorithm does the rest by automatically selecting the correct powertrain math model with the installed technologies. Green Route does the rest, predicting the driving profile and the energy consumption for your route.

Accounting for real world driving

Reality is more complex than just road distances and speed limits. GreenRoute accounts for starts and stops, idling, grade, traffic, speed of driving.

The only way to account for energy consumption accurately is by using a vehicle-specific energy consumption powertrain model.

speed limit vs real world

Efficient route is different based on time of day

The GreenRoute can change by the minute due to changing traffic and environmental conditions.

The complex energy consumption model learns and adapts to aggressiveness of individual drivers.

Can’t I just use my car’s mpg to calculate the energy consumed?

A simplified approach is inadequate to achieve prescriptive routing because of the large error when used on individual routes.

Though an individual may achieve the published fuel economy as an average for an entire year of driving, the energy consumed on an individual route will deviate quite significantly and often lead to route energy consumption.

GreenRoute vs Simple MPG Calculation

Technology Demonstrator

GreenRoute technology demonstrator is available as an app for those to explore more and discover GreenRoutes in their neighborhood.

Android app coming soon.

The GreenRoute API

GreenRoute fuel-efficient route calculation API is a proprietary API that provides a fuel-efficient route for a given source and destination.

The API requires vehicle details such as make, model, and trim along with source and destination address.

api document

Let’s recap.

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Vehicle Variation

Every car consumes energy differently and GreenRoute accounts for every powertrain’s behavior difference

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No Simplification

We know that simple mpg based calculations, or speed limit based driving assumptions won’t cut it. That’s why we have spent years perfecting an accurate transient algorithm.

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Minimal User Input

All GreenRoute needs is Year, Make and Model (or your commercial vehicle details) to account for the uniqueness of your powertrain

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Big Deal for EVs

Getting a lot more out of the same battery is like having an extra large battery but without the extra cost.

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Real-world Driving

Real-life driving is much more complex than speed limits and route distances. Our proprietary algorithm knows how one is likely going to drive in a road segment, and is constantly learning.

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Our technology demonstrator app now available on the iOS store with the Android app following shortly.

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Dynamic Maps

GreenRoute changes every minute as driving conditions change. You are constantly informed of the energy savings so you can make your decision based on up-to-the-minute calculations.

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If you are business with your own routing interface, our APIs are available today to integrate into your application

How can GreenRoute integrate into your business?