Car Navigation

Mock-up of GreenRoute embedded in-vehicle dashboard, extending vehicle efficiency with smart routing

Ride Sharing

Mock-up showing driver screen of a carshare app, with a option for money saving GreenRoute

Static City Map Before GreenRoute Static City Map After GreenRoute


Transportation emissions is one of the key areas that cities are looking to address in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality. Though VMT and upgrading your fleet to a greener fleet is one of the options, GreenRoute can help lower your transportation emissions by upto 15% without the expensive capital expenditures (read more here). Talk to our technical consulting team on how we can work with your city to achieve your carbon neutrality goal.


If you are adding electric or hybrid vehicles to your fleets, you need to route them differently or risk wasting upto 50% of the energy (Read more of our thoughts on this here…). For EVs, which must return to their chargers for a long recharge, doing more on the same battery charge means more packages delivered, and higher profitability. Even conventional vehicles save upto 15% in fuel when integrated with GreenRoute.